Commercial Emergency Lighting

The primary purpose of emergency lights for commercial buildings is to provide adequate lighting for the safe evacuation of business premises during emergency situations.

Commercial emergency lighting is required for compliance with UK regulations BS 5266 and must be installed in almost all commercial and public premises, in high-traffic areas such as escape routes, staircases, changes in levels, above and outside all exit doors, in kitchens and other high hazard rooms.

In addition, premises that provide sleeping accommodations such as residential flats, hotels, B&Bs, care homes, hospitals and boarding schools must provide adequate emergency lighting and escape exit signage. As part of the legislation, signage must stay visible for 3 hours - even if a power cut is experienced, so backup batteries are necessary for all emergency lights for commercial buildings.

As a commercial emergency lighting supplier, we offer a wide range of emergency lights for commercial buildings for whatever your setting - from hotels and restaurants to office settings.

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